E.T. animatronic

This is my E.T. puppet .  As Italian I had to honor Carlo Rambaldi so I decide to make my own E.T. 
The puppet head is made of resin with latex skin . For the eyes balls I used polistarin balls.  The puppet is move with wires . In the video I used the same technique of old times.  The scene were E.T. is moving his hands , there is my mother under the table ( this is the Italian way  ahahaa love mamma ) . The body is made of latex and foam .  You can also turn the finger light on 😊  I made this life size E.T  puppet with the things I was able to get  in normal store , because I couldn't find servos and other materials,  so I used Christmas balls , sowing leather  wire and other things I had at home !
I hope I wrote everything you need to know 
Greetings,  Yanis 


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