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Hello :),

Has anyone got any experience in posting SFX prosthetics in the mail. Im starting a prosthetics business and would like to make sure they dint get damaged while being delivered. I know silicone is quite strong but its also quite thin...

Any suggestions would be great.


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    One option is to have the prosthetic packed/stored on a vacuum-formed shell that matches the original core so it holds its shape.  For example a nose or face appliance.  Then you could pack it with foam or other padding around it.  If the piece is painted I would also consider adding something soft and non-abrasive as a protective covering so rougher things like foam or cardboard don't rub off any surface paint/detail. 

    For flat pieces, I would sandwich them between foam so they don't move around, curl up, etc.

    These are just my best guesses,  I've never had to ship an appliance.  Anyone out there ever ship something along these lines?

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    Hello, Thank you for your suggestions Chris!

    I am going to start selling flat molds but then progress items such as noses later down the line. I was originally thinking of pining the edge of the flat mold prosthetic down onto a cardboard sheet to put inside a thin box. I thought that if I stuck the cardboard sheet down to the bottom the the box I wouldn't need a filler. Im trying to be as eco-friendly as possible 😂

    Do you think that could work or should a still use a filler?

    Thanks again,

    Cerys :)
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    That sounds like it should work.

    You may want to reinforce the box to prevent crushing/squishing by adding a short wall of cardboard around the prosthetic.  It may be overkill since most boxes will not get crushed, but you never know!

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