Vaseline alternatives

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered that vaseline is quite bad for the environment and I would like to use an alternative when prosthetic making. I have had a look online but some finding products that are more like skin moisturisers and im not sure what properties are in vaseline help a mold to stick to the surface when creating a master casting mold.

Anyone got any ideas?


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    There are other release agents that are more environmentally friendly, like waxes, but how well they will work for you depends on the specific molding/casting application and what materials you will be using.

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    Hello again Chris aha,

    I am following Brad Looks' prosthetic video and he said to use vaseline to make sure that his sculpted clay stuck to the bottom of his base plate. I will be using NSP clay the same as Brad. What kind of waxes would you recommend.

    I would also like to say that I love all of these video course :smiley:

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    If an instructor is recommending a material for a purpose like that I would do my best to use what they suggest, or your results may not line up with theirs.  Especially on your first try, since you can make adjustments or try alternative materials in later attempts once you've had success.

    My suggestion of wax-based release agents as an alternative to vaseline was only for when it is being used as a release.  In the example you mentioned it is being used for another reason, so I don't believe a wax would help.

    Has anyone out there found eco-friendly alternatives to vaseline with similar properties?

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