Bug head sculpture

Here is a WIP sculpture I did a while back and didn't get to finish when it got damaged in a move. I was inspired to do it after getting to visit the shop of Screaming Mad George. His style was so different from any I had seen before, so as a good artist I stole the parts I liked best. Hope you enjoy it, and I really should try this one again.


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    Love all the details, such a cool character.  Sorry to hear it got damaged, I've been there and it's no fun!  I hope you can revisit this sculpt, I'd love to see him finished and painted.

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    I think I will get back to this one. See if anyone is interested in owning one. Thanks Chris! And I hope you like My mutant and Bruce submissions as well.

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    Holy crap that is creepy !
    Pretty wicked Jason !
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    Thanks Brigitte! I still can't believe I did this guy 15+ years ago, time flys!
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