Wasteland Mutant head

Excited to be apart of the competition so heres my entry. Wasteland Mutant head so far. Sculpted the head in monsterclay . This is my first mask so every step im learning the by watching SWSCA courses of each process.


  • Molding process using ultracal 30 and burlap. Again first time with this process so lots of mistakes. Namely the splashcoat was a bit thinner than it should be so some issues with the mold wall that needs patching.

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    Raw latex pull. Had some issues with the mold wall so lot of trimming and patching to try and fix the problem areas.
    Getting ready to paint the head now. Pretty excited to get some color on him .
  • Some work in progress paint work on the latex mask. Mostly following Casey Love and Tim Gore tutorials for this part.
    Im using a micron Iwata airbrush and a Paasch H for spattering and adhesive spray.

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    Update to the paint work. Still a lot of work to be done but fleshing in the eyes now.

  • that light blue eye against the gnarly skin and the other yellowed out one makes a really awesome contrast, bravo!  
  • Heres the completed piece with snot and pus added. Had a blast making this guy and cant wait to take what I learned and apply it to the next creation. Big thanks to SWSCA for the great content that informed the process.

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