PSH400 "White Clay" V EM10 "White Clay

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Hey there, can anyone jump in here and tell me the differences of these white clays? I am looking to purchase a white clay for mould walls, mould keys, and pry points on a two piece stone mould for a wed clay sculpt. Will either work? are they just brand names? I can only get my hands on PSH400 & just want to know if it will do the job. Any insight is appreciated! 
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    Both can be fired, but have different compositions.  The main difference is one has talc, the other does not.

    Info from manufacturers:

    PSH400 White is a smooth, all-purpose talc body modelling clay suitable for throwing and handbuilding applications. PSH400 White Clay fires white at cone 06-04. It has been designed to accept commercial low-fire glazes and provides good workability and drying at a low cost.

    EM100 is a Talc-free white firing clay, smooth, plastic, suitable for throwing and sculpture.

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