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Question about putting hemisphere acrylic eyes in a silicone head

I have made a sculpture using hemisphere acrylic eyes to fill the void in the sculpture prior to making the mold negative using a thick silicone and two piece mold using gypsona .  When casting the positive I will want the eyes to be aligned exactly as in the sculpture .. how do I do this? Can you use a glue gun to secure the eyes into the silicone negative? Any suggestions?


  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hey Illuminate,

    you could try Prosaide  to glue  the hemis into the mold.
    Nothing other will stick to the silicone.
    Make sure to  brush in your casting material into the  voids around the hemis to prevent airbubbles, before you close the mold and cast the piece. 

  • Some molds I've seen in the past use temporary versions of the eyes screwed/bolted into place from the outside of the mold.  This works when casting foam or silicone as you can remove the bolted in eyes after casting and replace them with our final eyes.

  • Thank you ! I’m going to try to use push pins because it’s a small head .. baby yoda . It seems as if the pins will stay in place if I push them in from the front of the mold centered in the middle of the eye . We shall see .
  • Awesome, hope it works.  We'd love to see your results!

  • Thanks . Sure will!
  • How did this go, Illuminate? 
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