Creature Suit - How to release a mannequin prior to foam build up

Hello all, 

I am following Ted Haines' technique of putting a spandex suit on a mannequin and building musculature in upholstery foam. I notice he uses spray adhesive to bond the foam to the spandex suit, while the suit is on the mannequin. I wonder if the adhesive seeps through the spandex and bonds to the mannequin and then the finished suit is really hard to get off the mannequin? Has anybody had problems with this? I think I will add a couple coats of Ease Release 200 to the mannequin and let it dry before putting the spandex suit on to try to avoid this. Other thoughts are appreciated!

Thank you!


  • I've done this on a home made mannequin made of plastic wrap and duck tape. No issues getting the suit off.I used super 77 adhesive.It sticks a little but not so well it's difficult to remove. In a plastic mannequin the mold release couldn't hurt
  • Hi Ben,

    With how tight the weave of spandex is, and how thick the spray adhesive is, not much glue would be able to soak through the spandex.  That said, I don't think adding release would hurt anything.  The only real downside I can think of is the cost of the expended release.

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