Sculpey 3 vs Super Sculpey

Hello there!
After getting a kit of tools, watching some of the courses here, I would like to adventure on my first project.
I would like to sculpt this coin (images) with small details.
Size: no more than 4 inches.
As I already said, I got myself a kit of tools, and some clay (sculpey 3, and I also ordered super sculpey medium online)
Question: Which kind of clay do you recommend me to use for this type of project?
I plan on buying more clay of different types just to play with them and get to know their differences, but this is the kind of project I will be aiming to complete in the future.


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    Your idea about trying lots of different clays is a great one, as you may find you like different ones for different applications.  The more you know how to work with the more you can do.

    Personally, when it comes to machined or hard surface sculpts like this I like to work with as firm a clay as possible so it holds sharp details. 

    I would try something like a Monster Clay hard and carve the details out subtractively for this type of piece.  That said, I know a lot of other artists might use other clays or techniques.

    Anyone out there have a clay or technique they like for this type of project?

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