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special effects important Q

my name is Najat Alzahrani , educator teach about beauty and SFX in Saudi Arabia ..

Hope every thing going very well these days ..

My Question :smile:

I find my self PREGNANT ,and really wondering if SFX makeup materials are safe to use while pregency ?

to do it in my self or use it in the models.

Thank you 


  • Hi Najat,


    Safety may vary from material to material or brand to brand.  Your best bet is to see if the materials have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on their manufacturer's website with that information.  I would also suggest talking to your doctor to find out what types of chemicals should be avoided.  A quick search on google lists a lot of potential things to avoid with makeup, but when it comes to serious topics like health it's best not to take any risks and talk with a medical professional.

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