Advice on how to build wings?


I am building 2 puppets that are bat like creatures for a short film. One of them is stop motion and needs to be wired in the wings, and the other needs to be a puppet with wings that can flap with a mechanism. They are the same type of bat-like creature. I have a plan on how to build out the body and how to animate the face, but I am not sure what material to use for the wings. I would appreciate any advice anyone has! Thank you!!


  • Hi Melody,

    For the stop motion puppet, one option might be to take whatever wing fabric/material you want to use and glue it on either side of a piece of thick aluminum foil.  This prevents the material from moving around freely and allows it to be animated.

    For the flapping mechanism you could try something like this if you want it to be motorized:

  • Thank you so much!!
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