Problem with cable controlled puppet build - looking for advice

Hi Everyone!
I am completing a 3 foot long 13 cable worm-like monster as a cable controlled puppet for an 80s creature short film I am making in February. We cast a core that was fiberglass with a chopped strand re-inforced inner core which we have sectioned into discs and are using for segments around a central spine (see image) I am using Flanders Throttle Conduit 610-0330 for the cable conduit and 1/16th inch stainless 7X7 wire. 
It is working great to articulate the tail, but my problem is that the conduit is too stiff to allow the first stage of front half of the creature to move freely as it goes through the core and terminates at the final segment or Neck of the creature. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for more flexible conduit/cable(kevlar line) combinations that would work on this build to allow control of the last head segment but be flexible enough to let the 3 front sections articulate. 
I need to grind out more of the segments to give any conduit running through there more freedom of movement but even if the segments were completely hollow the conduit would still prove too stiff. I think keeping the inner conduits as close to the spine as possible will also help the first stage articulate but I'm new to this so I'm in a bit over my head :)


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    Hi Octavian,

    One option would be to use cable housings that don't have the outer plastic sleeve and just have the coiled metal inner housing.  I'm not sure if you can remove the plastic sleeve on the version you are using now.  While that plastic adds some protection it does also add stiffness, and the protection it provides is not as needed in a puppet.

    Another option is to break the tentacle into multiple stages, though that does mean adding a lot more cables and another controller or two.

    Other than that, keeping everything as light as possible will help.  You may be able to drill out some material on some of the segments so they are still strong but weigh less.

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