Brush management method

literally, I wonder some tips about how to use, clean the brush, etc.
Also, after I use a small brush, it's ply(?) is spread.
How can I avoid this?


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    what are you doing with the brushes? i use brushes for sculpting, painting, patching, and makeup. sometimes i'll use little brushes to smooth out a monster clay sculpture with mineral spirits. i'll keep the brushes in a plastic cup that has mineral spirits in it. I'll have like 4 brushes going at once - fine tip, small, wide, and fan. I'll keep a "dirty brush" cup in my work area and I'll have some mineral spirits in that and put the brushes there when i'm done with them, and at the end of the project I'll wash them all in one go. I've accumulated lots of cheap brush sets from craft stores over the years so I can grab a fresh brush when I need one instead of having to clean the one I'm already using. I have some wide brushes that I've used for silicone work, and they've accumulated silicone in their bristles, and I kind of like that texture for certain things where I need something kind of sturdy to move material around. Sometimes I'll use a sculpting rake to get gunk out of my brushes. After they're cleaned, I store my brushes in different ziploc bags assorted by type, and keep them all in one plastic drawer. 
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    Proper brush care can help keep your brushes lasting longer.  The quality of the brush can also be a big factor.   Here's a nice article that covers some good brush care tips.


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