THE CANNABIS MAN needs your help!

Hello canna fam 
My name is Chris and I am known as The Cannabis Man over here on the east coast.

I'm also responsible for the first child to recieve medical Marijuana and helping save the children's lives who need this miraculous plant to help them from siezing and also the veterans struggling with ptsd and over medicating due to the VA treating these folks like animals and who try to give them enough pills to numb them from society,  anyways this is my character the canna man 2.0 I have my original costume that is a onesie, but I needed way more, then a spandex suit I have used the new/old Robo Cop 2014 out fit and modified it to become the cannabis man 2.0 but am lacking the skills I need to complete this epic costume that I will travel the country raising money for sick children and veterans in.
I am in need of :smile:
1. A way to 3d print this costume so that it will be more durable then this foam that way I can move better and have a more durable structure..

2. A way to make it light up and glow maybe some sound effects with smoke.

3. i need to make a custom cosplay gun instead of this real one.

4. I have to paint my costume and make it look 2000 years old flying through space smashing hashteroids and burning up the atmospheres on re-entry.

So basically I am looking for a sponsor and someone or a team of amazing someones who can help me help others , please contact me if you would like to be a part in my amazing build and don't forget to share


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    😇Please contact me yeswecannabisman@gmail.com
    Or chris@thecannabisman.com
    One love one religion ❤ 
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