Horse and pony puppet patterns

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I want to have puppets created of my horses and need patterns. Any recommendations? :)


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    Hi Dea,

    If you are looking to contract a puppet maker to create them for you, they may be able to design the patterns for you if they don't already have something that meets your criteria.

    If you are looking for free or purchasable patterns you can try searching with google or reaching out to puppet makers who have puppet designs you like and see if they sell their patterns, but most only sell their finished puppets.

    If you are looking to create your own patterns you could do so by sculpting your desired form, wrapping it in cellophane or aluminum foil, then covering it carefully in packing tape.  From there you can draw seam lines and darts where needed and cut up the tape pattern until it can lay flat.  Try to keep as few seam lines as possible, and place them in areas where they are less likely to be seen.   If your sculpture was smaller than your desired puppet (say half scale) you could then scan or photograph your patterns and scale them up digitally before printing them.   Then you can use cheap fabric to test out the pattern and make adjustments where needed to get the look you are going for.  Don't be afraid to keep refining the form over and over.

    That's just a quick outline of how I might go about that process, but I'm sure there are other approaches.

    Hope that helps!

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