Dragon skin tool?

In the course GARAGE MONSTERS - HOW TO MAKE CREATURE FX ON A BUDGET Shannon uses a tool he calls dragon skin for shaping the foam torso. Googling this tool leads to zero results. Anyone know where to get one?


  • You can search for "Dragon Skin Steel Sanding Sheet" and find some results.

    Otherwise, you can look up other brands of steel sanding sheets.

  • Thanks Chris! They seem to be out of stock on Amazon and Walmart. Do you know of any retailers that carry it or any similar brands?
  • One good alternative is a surform.   They are basically like a firm piece of Dragon Skin mounted to a handle.  They come in different shapes and sizes.   Here's a common one.

    Very handy to have and work wonders.  The only downside is they don't flex like the sanding sheets, which helps a lot when making rounded forms.

    Mesh sandpaper can also work, but they are not as aggressive.

    Drywall sanding screen might also work.

  • Thanks for being so helpful!
  • Shannon has provided some more information as well.

    Apparently, the manufacturer stopped making "Dragon Skin."    He recommends using a very fine Parmesean cheese grater.  And coarse sandpaper will get you part of the way.

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