Rear Screen Projection for Animation

Is there a digital rear projector that I could   project a video a frame at a time  for animation?   
I   would   like   to   do   a   stop   motion   film   like Harryhausen   did, but  with  a  digital  projector,   but   I'm    not interested   in extensive   green screen.    Can anyone   help?   Thanks!

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    Hi John,

    You can do this using any video playback software that allows you to pause and advance forward one frame at a time. Hook up your computer to any projector, run the video full screen, and use keyboard shortcuts to advance the frame.

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    Hi. John,

    Quicktime, VLC, etc.  Most programs that playback video allow for frame advancing, usually with the arrow keys when playback is paused.  I believe VLC uses the "E" key.



  • Any software you would recommend?
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    All projectors have the ability to reverse/flip the image. It can be used on a rear projection surface. However, if space is limited you may need a projector with a short-throw lens.
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