Help with learning how to craft Aztec Death Whistles?

   I was wondering if anyone had any experience crafting Aztec Death Whistles to mimic the sound of human screams? I can't seem to find any in depth how to videos or tutorials.  Any insight would be helpful. Thank you. 


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    Hi Josh,

    Here is a video that describes in great detail how a death whistle functions:

    This video shows a process for making one without sculpting, which also demonstrates how they work.

    As long as the basic elements are there you have a death whistle.  Then it's just a matter of fine-tuning the design to get the right sound.

    While the design between the clay and PVC whistles in the videos above looks different, they function the same, both relying on turbulence and 2 chambers.


  • Wow Thanks Chris. 
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