Dapper Doctor

Last year we went Zombie, this year we went Plague Doctor. Granted, kind of an obvious choice, but I spent the spring learning leathercraft so this was a fun extension of that. My son and I spent Halloween night wandering the streets of our neighborhood just staring at anyone who talked to us and then continuing on our stroll. It was fantastically creepy fun!

All costume parts were made in-house except for the gloves.
Original Hat, mask, and bag are designs by Dieselpunk.ro.
Cane topper design came from Thingiverse, printed here in resin.

The vials on the hat are filled with glow pigments, blood (fake), and other liquids.
The jars on the belt had cloudy water, various creepy crawlies, and some tiny glow sticks to give them an ominous look at night.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a great picture of both of us, but the one we did get tells the story pretty well.

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