"Sexy" Hocus Pocus Book

Hey guys! There's a lot of amazing work being posted here!!

 This was my costume from this year - I didn't really have anywhere to wear it, so I just did a photoshoot at home and made a funny video. I thought it'd be fun to riff on the "Sexy" Halloween Costume trend where people add fishnets and heels to a store-bought costume to make it more provocative. "Sexy Nurse", "Sexy Cat", "Sexy Hotdog" (Yes . . . I've seen it). So I’m taking one for the team and jumping on the bandwagon, simply because I know that nothing kills a party quite like me showing up to it.

 I decided to recreate the decidedly un-sexy Spellbook from Disney's Hocus Pocus in large-scale to wear with incongruous exposed legs. As in the movie, the book's eye has the ability to look in any direction as contolled by the hand of the wearer.

In that spirit I give you my handmade Halloween Costume for 2020 . . . Sexy Hocus Pocus Book. Enjoy! Hopefully my pale legs aren't blinding :D :

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