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hello there I have a few questions: 1.if i want to do a foam latex rod puppet,like the one from "how to make a monster puppet", can i follow the tutorial and just switch silicone with foam latex?or may the mold and the resin head core will have bad reaction with the foam latex while baking?would be better to do an ultracal mold? 2.if i want to do a latex hand puppet,like the one from "garage monsters 2", and i want it to have a body with limbs and a tail how do i mold it?

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  • Hey guys for the how to make a monster puppet have you been able to use different silicone than gi245 silicone moldmaking rubber (catalyst)? The closet I can find is
    Rtv Silicone Mold Making Casting Rubber 1/2 Gallon Kit. 

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    Hi Sam,

    You should be fine using different brands and types of silicone to make your mold. Just make sure you are using a durometer (firmness) of silicone that will work for your mold's needs, and if you are using a platinum or tin cure silicone some properties (like what inhibits the cure) may change.

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