Bathroom Zomby

Hi there :),

I've never been celebrating halloween in my life before (I'm from slovakia living in germany)  but this year me and my friends wanted to do it. So to "scare" my friends I prepare a"bathroom zomby".  I used for the head styrofoam, and to model the face I used  just liquid latex and tissues. The teeths are made from artificial nails and latex. The nose and eyes are made from wax and the pupils are normal contact lenses sticked on piece of plastic. For eyebrows I cut little bit from the wig what's on the head. Everything is painted with my old  make up, acrylic and watter colors :). For the body I just stuffed my clothes and the hands are normal steril gloves stuffed with coton wool and I put inside metal  wires to bend it.  My bathroom zomby compared to ur great costumes its not so perfect 🙂,  but still I want to post it here. Have a good day and loooooot of greetings from Germany ☺️

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