Armored Alien

For the armor of the alien I used EVA foam. It was my first time using it so I it took me some time and failed attempts to figure out how to work with the material. For the alien feet, I used some old shoes which I then built the foam onto. I used probably 20 cans of plasti-dip on the armor and I tried to get in as good of an amount of detail as I could. 
I started working in late September and only had so much time before Halloween, and with school taking up most of the day, I didn’t really have much time. I was originally going to sculpt an alien head, but my sculpt broke because the WED clay was too heavy on the foam. I had to re-sculpt it and by the time I was done, it was around 2 days before Halloween. I would have kept working on the sculpt if I had more time, but I didn’t so I got to work on a two piece mold. I was very glad and relieved that the mold worked out okay, because it was my first time making a successful two part mold. All of my several previous attempts have failed and thanks to a Stan Winston course, I can now properly do it. I then applied a layer of latex, and then I poured in some flex foam to keep its shape. I had less that a day after school to paint it, and the next day it was Halloween. 
This was quite an intensive and time consuming project, but was also a great learning experience for me. Glad I even have the opportunity to be a part of the costume contest. 


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