Classic Frankenstein and Creature...with a twist

My favorite of the Classic Universal monsters has always been the creature from the black lagoon.  He was my Dad's favorite, and now he is my 4 year old son's favorite.  I introduced my son to the original movie a few months back, and he completely loved it.  When we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, the creature had to be it.  So I had to deliver.  My son was adamant that it be the black and white version.  I wanted to do my own take on the character, but we kept the classic black and white coloring.  I think the Creature from "The Monster Squad" is one of the best creature suits ever made, so I took some inspiration from that, as well as the original, and put in a little bit more piranha. I digitally sculpted his mask around a 3d scan of his head and then 3d printed the final piece.  For the rest of his body, I dressed him up in a leotard and drew out the patterns for the suit.  I then traditionally sculpted the body based on those patterns, including webbed hands and feet.  The finished sculpts were then molded and cast in silicone.  I chose Frankenstein for myself.  I always thought it would be cool to see a dissection of Frankenstein, so I did a half Boris Karloff and a half ecorche Frank.  This was cast in silicone as well, and painted using many of the techniques shown at the Stan Winston school.  Me and my son had a blast making these.  We both learned a lot, and I am incredibly proud to be sharing my love of monsters and art with him.  Just like my dad, and myself, my son is truly a monster kid in the making.  

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