The Hellhound

First I made the tail by using a pool noodle and cutting wedges into it. Then cut material in a circular shape to how thick I wanted the tail to be. Then glued it to the noodle and placed it on my fur. Then cut out the shape I wanted for the tail and sewn it together. I then lined up the tail spikes and glued those in place. Then I flipped the tail so it was fur on the outside and stuffed it with pillow stuffing. The pool noodle remained in the middle of the tail. Then I sewn the tail to the noodle.

I added a luggage strap to the end of the tail and adjusted it to go around my waist and added suspenders to keep the tail in place.

I then got started on my chest peice and made a vest with some quilt batting on both sides. Tacked the batting to the vest by thread and tacked in the shapes that I needed for the chest peice. As well as the back. This way it was more dog shaped. The fur was then tacked down with thread and I also added the back spikes along with my hand painted red LEDs.

Then to make the pants. I made a cut out of the leg shape on paper. Then cut it out on my fur and stitched each leg separately. I then stitched the two legs together and cut out a hole for the tail to go through. Pillows were added one in each leg to make the big knees then sewn them in. 

After I got my mask. I added some eye material and the LEDs. Along with some quilt batting around the skull for comfort. I then took some EVA foam and made the ears and cut out the pattern for them on the fur.  I cut the inner ear fur shorter then the outer and glued it in place. I glued the ears onto my head peice and then started to add my fur to it. I hand sewn the fur together to form a mask. 

To make the front legs I used arm crutches and bed foam. I cut the bed foam in half and in the shape that I wanted. After I glued the side edges together and glued the fur onto the front legs and taped the foam to the arm crutches.

It took roughly 5 months for planning and creating to reach the finishing product.

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