Foam Fabrication Arm mounts

I have been asked to build a rock creature for a play and I gotten this far, but I am having trouble working out how to mount the arms. They need to be articulated at shoulder and elbow. I have also made articulated hand for it. Since this Pic I have broken the arm down to Upper and lower. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please be aware I am not a Professional at this type of build.


  • Hi Gary,

    One of the easiest ways I've found to attach an arm to a character suit with a flexible joint that has a good range of movement is to use a strap at the top of the shoulder.  If you need extra flexibility you can use a strap made with elastic.

    You can use more complex mechanical connections using U joints, ball joints, etc, but for suits like this, I find a single strap to be reliable, easy to implement, and performs quite well.

    To help the performer in and out of the costume (or help them easily remove the arms to lighten their load for a quick break) you can add buckles to them.  I'm a fan of side release buckles for this task.

    I'd also add some fabric/padding under the strap and buckle so it's comfortable on the performer, as the weight of the arms and long periods in the suit can make rubbing a concern.

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks for the reply. What type of flexible are readily available or do they need to be made?

  • In the past I've just used nylon webbing when stretching is not needed.  You can find nylon webbing at most hardware stores, usually in the same area as rope.  It's also in the automotive section sometimes as well, as it's used to tie down things in trucks.  That is likely your best bet for strap material.   If you need stretching you can use elastic strapping that is often available at fabric shops.

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