Weeping Angel from Doctor Who

We started out on the wrong track with this one by trying to create the hair piece by forming it out of yarn and painting that with acrylic paint; that would have never dried and it was close to impossible to shape, so we started over.

For the second attempt we sculpted the hair piece in modelling clay, making sure to try and get some of those luscious Roman statue curls in there and it ended up fairly decent. It took quite some fiddling figuring out where to put the seam between the mask and the hair piece, but that was definitely something we were looking out for as we knew that would probably help sell the finished look.
The face mask was based on a cast impression of the fairer of the two of us, which was then sculpted onto using modelling clay. I recommend spending extra time figuring out how you're going to attach the rubber bands (or ribbons, as we ended up with).
Once it was complete, we cut out and glued pieces of a pair of pantihose on the inside of the eyeholes, to make the eyes more difficult to see.
On to the wings. We were having quite some trouble finding any suitable material for them, but after scouring furniture warehouses and auto shops, we finally found a place were we could get two large pieces of styrofoam! Armed with a kitchen knife , sand paper and lots of  careful eyeing of the symmetry, we got them into the right shapes.
Time to tie it all together with the dress. We ended up getting some grey bed sheet fabric and painting it with layers and layers of acrylic paint to get it nice, stiff and stony and repeated a similar paint job on the wings, mask and hair piece. We also sew in a hula hoop ring into the bottom to get the dress to keep its shape.
We then faced the issue of how to attach the wings. After experimenting with making our own harness and finding out how important one's blood supply can be, we resorted to buying a cheap school backpack, cutting off the harness part of it and attaching it to the wings using copious amounts of glue and two cardboard tubes from kitchen rolls.

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