Demogorgon from Stranger Things

The original plan was to create the head as a latex sculpt, but as it proved difficult to get access to proper materials, this build became a lot more craft-store focused.
We wanted to have the head "mandibles" be retractable so settled on using bicycle gear cables attached to 3D printed "spine arms" that were attached to a head mount made out of coat hangers and padded with padding foam.

The head was then covered with coloured foam board on the inside and with normal fabric on the outside and both were glued to each other in strategic areas and painted. For the teeth, we first tried making them out of foam to keep the weight down, but had to settle on modelling clay as the foam was too flimsy.

While the head could open by pulling the bicycle gear cables, the use of fabric, foam board and glue made it much more difficult than we anticipated - it still worked though.
For the rib cage and the thighs, we made a rib extension piece out of cut pieces of foam  that were held in place by pulling  bent coat hangers through them and gluing them to the inside of a tight blouse; the thighs were made to look more muscular with  foam cut in the shape of muscles. The black blouse and a pair of black tights were then painted along with the headpiece, using acrylic paint to build up some thicker details.
The fingers were aluminium foil covered with modelling clay, glued to a pair of black gloves and painted.
For the feet, we bought a pair of thick soled wedge heal-less shoes, sculpted a thick extra back toe and three claw like ones in the front and covered the whole thing in the same fabric as the body suit and once again painted them to match.

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