Just wanted to say

It was a pleasure meeting everyone in the chat, and I cannot wait to see all you final pieces. 

Hopefully will get to speak to you all again and keep in touch via this forum. 



  • Tomasi AkimetaTomasi Akimeta San Mateo, CA ✭✭✭
    oh man, cheers for this thread, Connor! Was definitely a wonderful and scary experience being critiqued. Super stoked at everyone's artworks, and I can't wait to see everyone's finished pieces! Mony's Hangout idea is tops! We should totally do a Google Hangout session before next Tuesday!

  • Yeah I am up for a google hangout anytime, 

    You can find me on Google + if you search for my name or [email protected]
     and on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CoNrMagill
  • Was cool indeed!

    If interested:

    Push yourself to the limits this week and we'll be amazed by the incredible art next week!

    Cheers boys and girls!
  • Hi everyone, thank you for the webinar, I am sorry I could not speak with you all.

    Had a great time with you :)

    Looking forward for the final pieces. 

    Thanks all, again.
  • Party.  I think I'm going to post an update before I start adding all the crazy textures and details to see what y'all think.  I tend to lose sight of 'the bigger picture' with pieces like this.
  • oh yeah, it was great meeting all of you :P
  • Will definitely do post up any updates, I will be doing the same, Even just taking to you go guys on stream yesterday gave me some great ideas like Jared's tip of changing the colour of my screen etc. So hopefully I can bounce Ideas off you guys and girls and get feed back as well!
  • Tomasi AkimetaTomasi Akimeta San Mateo, CA ✭✭✭
    I"m @ work as I'm typing this, and since my boss is distracted by the new giant MEtroplex Transformer toy he just got in the mail, I thought I'd drop a line:

    my Deviant Art site: http://studiotoa.deviantart.com/gallery

    Feel free to add me, my peeps!

    Seriously some of the best times I had drawing yesterday in my lifetime. Loved the comradery and shared ideas. Can't wait to see everyone's artwork!

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