Meet the Harvester

This is my new and fully selfmade Halloween costume. I got inspired by the classic movie monsters of the early days and always wanted to create my own version of an authentic scarecrow with lightup eyes. It took me over 28 hours to create it from scratch. I manily used cheap materials such as a primitive 1$ mask from a toyshop sale, 3$ bicycle headlights, fake fingernails as teeth, a pair of broken sunglasses and 4$ polyester gloves. What I started with were a few quick skechtes I made during work in my office and then carefully started with the hat, then the mask and finally continued with the rest of the clothing. The most fun part was to age the fabrics and to paint the hat. Allover costs were about 150$ only for the used material. 

The best thing about my costume is the hidden light-switch in my right glove that I could press when ever I wanted to turn on the lights in the eyes! That freaked people really out when they saw me standing still at the corner of our street. I then lifted my head and started running towards them...sooo much fun seeing them run for it and screaming! 

I hope you like it too.

Please feel free to check out my other stuff on facebook and instagram with #HENRIvisualartist


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