mental health demons latex prosthetic application

this is my 3rd entry for this competition 
this design was inspired by my model suzi and mental health battles. such as when she feels trapped mentally and even held down by her own "demons" 
or she even specifically designed it felt like she was screaming from the inside or being held down. 
due to it being a personal project budget was an issue so I used latex pieces to aid with that issue. it was my 2nd ever made pull over mask too. so I know it has allot of faults. but I am still proud of this piece. 
I ibfact watched some videos on here that also helped me paint the skin tone. 
here are some BTS and final images 
pro images were by horrify


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    This is great.
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    Wow, that's some incredible and meaningful work you've done there! It's amazing how art can be such a powerful way to express emotions and experiences, especially related to mental health battles. Your design inspired by Suzi's journey really shines through, and it's fantastic that you found creative ways to bring it to life despite budget constraints.

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    Your creativity shines through! Using latex pieces on a budget is resourceful, and imperfections make it uniquely yours. Keep expressing yourself—it's a powerful way to navigate those inner struggles. Proud of your work! Also, you can read more about mental illnesses here (https://www.mentalhealth.com/therapy/family-therapy) for inspiration. I hope you enjoy it!
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