female alien glam and gore -self application

this is my 2nd entry of another self application makeup I did on myself. it was another hard one to do due to the prosthetic around the eyes as it made it hard to see to the left and right..! but it was oh so worth it  
this was inspired by the prosthetics I brought from mfx warehouse. these were beautifully made and made it a dream to apply to get some beautiful edges. 

I started with a bald cap application. and then went to apply a face chin and ear silicone pieces. 

I could have shown some skill and tried to keep it as skin like as possible but as it was Halloween I wanted to add some character to the design with skin texture and blood. 

I actually did watch some stab winston videos before applying this to help with any hints and tips regarding the application and painting of this 

you can see videos here -






and an application video here -

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