Samurai War Machine

Aloha everybody!
Here is another entry for the 2020 Halloween Costume Contest! This was another idea from my son, and I had an absolute blast building it. Below is a semi detailed construction process of the Bandai Tamashii Nations Samurai War Machine armor I made.
Its primarily constructed from eva foam but the main do (body armor) has been fabricated from a 55 gallon plastic drum to support the weight of the jet pack and mounted cannon and gun turret. The muscle details are eva foam glued to the barrels
I made the armor following tradtional Japanese patterns and tried to stay as close to those techniques whenever possible. 
The silver under armor was sewn by my wife who also constructed the faux leather shoulder padding. The only part of the costume not fabricated by me is the katana (which was aged and repainted to match the armor).
A list of materials used for the build is:
eva foam
55 gallon plastic drum
foam core board
foam clay
parachute chord
various sized mailing tubes
and an old pair of Crocs
The armor took two years to complete and I am still tweaking it here and there.
Here is a link to a YouTube video I made:

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