Slimer from Ghostbusters

I went a little beyond the stereotypical Ghostbuster costume and decided to make the best character in the movie. Made this little guy with foam and rubber. I carved the foam on a Trautman carver and the smaller details were carved using a dremel. A little paint was added. The teeth were sculpted from plumbing epoxy, then carved and painted. I wanted Slimer to have little bubbly appearance so I heated the rubber surface to achieve the desired appearance on the skin. The entire costume also glows. The addition of the phosphorescent paint also gave Slimer his glossy appearance. I always try and create costumes using found and or reused materials as much as I can. The high density foam was collected from scraps at local shops (some of the foam that I used was from old yoga blocks and a foam step block) and glued together. The paint and rubber was found on Craigslist.
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