Dark Crystal Garthim

My submmission for the SWSCA Halloween Contest is a Garthim from the 1982 film The Dark Crystal.

Video of the build/photoshoot (costume footage starts at 5:22 - https://youtu.be/RVHoSsHgTa4?t=322

The costume is almost all Worbla's Black Art (WBA) over L200 foam because that is primarily what we had in excess. It took nearly 10 Jumbo sheets of Worbla to complete the suit! There were a lot of air bubbles between the Worbla and L200 which was PERFECT for creating the bumps and texturing on the Garthim shell. The Worbla was primed with 2 coats of black India Ink.

 Some of the under shell (such as the plastron, side shells, and shoulders) are straight L200 that have been sealed with Flexbond and 2 coats of black India Ink to make them nice and shiny! Then they were airbrushed with gold, magenta, and more black ink to give them an irridescent look.

 The lower legs are 3 different sizes of pipe insulation, carved, heat sealed, and coated in Flexbond and ink. The L200 and WBA ended up being really fragile on the lower leg assemblies so it had to be reinforced with Worbla's Mesh Art, Wonderflex, and then covered in expanding foam to give it texture and MORE Black Worbla.

 The shells all hook onto a PVC pipe rig that straps to my back with a series of straps and elastics. Although not as bad as the original fibreglass Garthim costumes from the 1982 film, which weighed in excess of 70lbs, this still weighed A LOT.

 The pants (which are hidden beneath the legs) are covered in little tassels we made from unravelling jute cord and gluing them all over the pants. The fringe along the edge of the shell pieces is crepe wool, straightened and attcached to strips of tape that were glued in place.

Thanks for checking it out everyone!

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/daleykreations/
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