My first Boxtume...my first anything...

My daughter and I are huge Sci Fi geeks and during one of our movie weekends last October we watched Aliens (1986). As the credits rolled my 12 years old says, “Daddy, how cool would 
it be to build a power loader costume to Halloween next year?” I responded with “yeah it would...imagine?” paired with a slightly dismissive cackle. She then says...”could you try to make one for me?” I say “yes” but am now in a full panic because who wants to disappoint their princess? Not me lol. In March when the lock down hit I started saving Amazon and Kohl’s shipping boxes and ordered myself a box cutter, hot glue gun and 4 packs of glue and started building. Little did I know that I would not only spawn a power loader for her , but a full bodied xenomorph Queen for myself and an alien egg to use as a contactless candy container. These are the results of approximately 150 man hours, mostly evenings and a couple of rounders. Hope you enjoy the results.

A Very Aliens Halloween 2020

Xenomorph Queen Build Version 2

Xenomorph Queen Full Build Part 1

Xenomorph Queen Full Build Part 2

Xenomorph Queen Full Build Part 3

Power Loader Build Video

Power Loader Build Version 2

Xenomorph Egg Build Video

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