Shims for molding in sculpture

Friends, tell me which shims to use in such work?
What is the thickness? The metal? Maybe there are ready-made ones, with keys on sale?
Thanks to everyone who responded!


  • Hi Vladimir,

    I've always made my own, but I have seen pre-made rolls of plastic shim with keys in it before.  Sadly I don't recall where they were sourced. You can use everything from playing cards to sheet metal.  What metal you go with (usually aluminum or stainless steel) is often up to availability and price.  The thinner the better, as long as it does not become too flimsy to hold its shape during mold making.

    There are sculpting sites out there that sell rolls of aluminum shim material, but it's also available from a lot of hardware stores.

    An online search for "metal shim roll" will show some good results.   You'll need some metal cutting shears and I suggest wearing durable gloves, as thinner shim can become quite sharp.  Rounding off corners on the exposed side can help for safety.  

  • Chris, Thanks a lot for the detailed advice! I will definitely use it!
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