Dog head

Hi !  I should make a dog head and be able to do flocking and hair punching on it. The head should be solid. What material would you recommend for me to do this? I
How durable is hair punching? And can flocking be done on rubber latex ? 
On your video about hair punching and flocking they use foam latex. Can it be used when casting solid parts? If not can I use it on the outer layer of the head and put some other material inside to make it solid? Does foam latex stick to other materials ?:) 

Best regards Jenny, Finland


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    Hi Jenny,

    For making a prop animal head there are a wide variety of materials and techniques you could use.   For example, you could carve it out of upholstery foam, or make a sculpture, mold it, and cast it in a wide variety of materials.

    Our foam fabricating series "How To Make A Dinosaur" with Ted Haines is a good starting point for foam fabrication:

    We also have a course with Ted on foam texturing, which helps give a detailed top surface:

    For other home fabricating tricks, you can check out "Garage Monsters" with Shannon Shea:

    How durable hair punching is depends on the material you are punching the hair into, if any adhesives are used, the length/thickness of the hair, the type of hair punching technique used, etc.

    Flocking can be done on latex rubber or solid parts.

    Hair punching requires being able to punch the hair into the surface so solid parts will not work for typical hair punching methods.  

    It is common to have the outer skin of a prop be a softer material like foam latex or silicone and the bulk of the item filled in with something firmer like a 2 part expanding foam.  Aka polyfoam.   Sometimes the prop core can be more rigid like fiberglass or epoxy resin.

    Foam latex can be glued to most materials pretty easily.

    Hope that helps!

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    Than you so much ! This helps a lot ! Nice that you have this forum because in Finland there are not many people who could help with this kind of questions ! :)
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    Hi Jenny, 

    Glad to help.  Best of luck with your project!

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