Khorne Berzerker

Hello my name is Vaune Roulema (Devon Lozaire) and I would like to share my Cosplay/Costume, Khorne Berzerker from Warhammer 40k  

This costume has plenty of variation, supposedly his weapon of choice is a chain ax but I chose the chaos power fist/claw + bolt pistol... The Mark of Khorne on his head is just optional...

sadly I don't have a full pic of him wearing a Mark of Khorne, but I do have a video of him wearing one,

The cosplay is around 7 ft exact, minus the Mark of Khorne, I installed LED on his eyes, the Bolter, and the Powerfist, The costume is kinda heavy not sure about the weight (supposedly is 30 pounds but it got heavier) because most of the parts there are sculpt from worbla (mostly the yellow colors) the red ones are EVA foam, paint I use poly polyurethane... the rivets are just ping pong balls and plastic bottle caps... teeth are molded in silicon, while the chains and skull, however, I got that from a toy store... 

Power claw fingers can move individually...with LED light that can be controlled by push button, I've also built a power fist but I kinda prefer this one... and lastly I installed a voice amplifier so I can scream; Blood for the Blood God

anything else, the costume can perform on stage, and sometimes I do a roleplay with this costume, the only downside is since this is a heavy costume, I can only wear it for around an hour... 

Here's a montage I made for myself...

and some cosplay performance

^ my BGM was cut off while performing lols 

and more pics


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