The EMPTINESS - Natives, Creatures, and the Erra

''Space, The wonderful something in nothing"
"The ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery."
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I love film. and I hope to make some. I always wanted to make something that nobody has ever seen before and that's when I thought of this... The Emptiness.

The story is about a young girl that finds herself in a strange emptiness. Blank white space. But as she explores it, she discovers a dark space of the emptiness. Ezekiel, one of the natives, finds her and warns her of the dark space that they call "The Erra". The Erra tries consuming living things and twisting them into sinister monsters of themselves.

I wanted to make the creatures and characters look bold and simple in the white space of the emptiness because they are more peaceful and civilized. The Erra creatures have more horror add on the originals, trying to make them look more uncontrollable, and horrific.
The creature that isn't bad in the Erra is the "Dafoe", or in the white space is called, "The Nurten-Doe".
The Nurten-Doe represents nurture, for it provides life that is need in the white space.
And the Dafoe represents hope, because it shines a small flame in the dark Erra, bringing hope.

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