Jeepers Creepers (Creeper)

Here are the steps to creating a costume based on the cult horror movie.

A bodysuit was made to increase the figure.
I found a sweater in a store.
The cloak was made to measure and decorated.
A hat from the store.
Cast plastic accessories ("bone") weapons.
An ax was made of EVA, primed with latex and painted with acrylic.
Gloves and mask are sculpted, molded and cast from Dragon Skin 10. Colored with Silk Pig pigments on the Psycho Paint silicone system. The mask was also supplemented with natural buffalo hair. Zipper is glued in on the back.
The onlays for the teeth are made of dental acrylic.
Especially for the photo session, a hand was cast from prosthetic gelatin. Also, I did the "Creeper Victim" makeup. 

The mask is available for ordering here:
My Instagram:

I hope you will like it. Happy Halloween everyone!


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