Evil Buka (Knock-knock)

Work progress.

Buka's costume was created just during the quarantine - nothing distracted, but there were difficulties with the materials.
A hoodie was sewn, a mask was sculpted and molded on the base. The hands were molded from EVA, on gloves, latex coated and painted.
The horns are sculpted and molded, cast in foam (Foam-It III) with a latex shell (to be safe for those around character at events and parties).
The same horns were fixed on a rigid base and sewn to the suit from the inside. 
Teeth were sculpted and molded separately, cast in hard plastic (Smooth-Cast 65D).
The mask was also cast in hard plastic (Smooth-Cast 65D). The horns are rigidly fixed with a wire base and glue. 
After assembling the mask, a protective layer of soft foam is applied from the inside. The eye sockets and mouth are closed with a thin transparent cloth. Head mounts installed. 
Then everything was painted with durable Tamiya acrylic paints and fixed with varnish.

I can repeat the costume to order, link etsy.com/shop/CenobiteFX

Thank you for your attention. Happy Halloween!

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