The ChickenBoo of Gore Woods Haunt, Ohio

Quick and no budget build using interlocking foam tiles, a bicycle helmet, turkey feathers, battery powered tire valve lights, African Porcupine quills, fish net, repurposed upholstery foam, and a Wildebeest tail. (Yes, really)

The wings are interlocking foam tiles over a set of crutches - there is a battery powered sound file with a trigger button that is connected to a speaker hidden in the set for the squawk. 

The skull is based on a skull pattern from Kamui Cosplay, slightly altered, the hooves on the Kangoo boots are from Digilegs, and the fuzzy pants are from Zagone Studios. I had initially planned to wear my Digilegs stilts and a set of upholstery foam legs from a prior build with this, but the uneven terrain with millions of no-see-um roots and reduced vision were a bad mix. 
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