Did you test Shellshock matterial for puppet molding ?

Hello !
First post on the forum, sorry if it's not on the right place.
I'm working on a puppet via the "How To Make A Monster Puppet - Rods & Cables" courses from David Monzingo.
I'm from France and some materials are hard to find. Like the Bondo Resin. I found the Shellshock resin from Smooth on.
Did you think it's ok to make my first layer of my mold with this, if my puppet is sculpted in monster clay and the walls are in water clay ? Did you think moisture is going to failled the cure of Shellshock ?
I try to find an answer on the net but did find neither with asking to Smooth on.

Hope someone could answer me, have a nice spooky day ! 

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  • Hello ! 
    Thank you for your complet answer ! :open_mouth:

    I finaly had an answer form FormX, they explain me that Shellshock is snesitive about moisture, so if someone wana try or ask himself the question, Well .. Trying molding wetclay with this is a bad idea ahah

    I'm going to make an ultracal mold then. But I wana try for the first time making a fiberglass mould, well  .. It had to wait ahah
  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    My  pleasure :-)

    You could  seal the waterbased clay with shellac which should  dont let moisture  out. 
    But you have to make sure, you have enough shellac  on the wall and there is no opening, where  moisture could evaporate. 

    But it sounds more secure, to do a  Ultracal mold ;-) *thumpup*

    I wish a lot of fun  and i cant wait to see the finished project ;-)
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