Giggles The Clown by Hannabal Marie

This look was obviously inspired by Pogo the Clown. Not admiring the guy, just celebrating a tradition of turning myself into someone (something) that scares me. True crime & criminals of modern day (or other) scare me more than some painted creature of make-believe.

So, yeah...slightly inspired by Pogo but molded the face after an ex family member. Not gonna place too much thought or talk behind the reasons why, but he fit the character perfectly. He scares me to the core and making this mask silenced some of my pent up fear. Idk why but it did. Strange turn of events but I think this mask is probably one of my favorite creations in a while. The mouth moves, mechanics of puppetry. I'm going to be making a puppet out of him when I'm done modeling the character. I think I did a pretty good job for 2 days work! I had to keep scrunching my shoulders up to match the neck with my torso, so my neck region was sore for days afterward. Lmfao all worth it, every second. I love love love Halloween! ❤ Happy Halloween!
I did have to wear a wig, to hide of some the construction underneath, when I was around the public. I didn't want to have people peek inside the mess underneath! hahaa I have more pictures up on my Facebook Page! (Link right HERE to check it out!) xoxo

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