Pirate - keeper of the treasure

showing a costume I made for last years Halloween because this year I concentrated on making a grave scene as not being able to have a good rummage around the stores made it very difficult to complete any outfit to the standard that I require in order to put it out there if you will. To make the grave scene was much easier as it only needed a few visits to the hardware store. 
This costume is made up of a gold skull mask upon which i have added gold coins, the scabbard is also embellished with gold coins and I have a large key that unlocks the treasure chest. Always have a theme guys ! I am carrying a gold human leg bone which the kids loved. I made all the clothes because I wanted that certain look of makeshift clothing with a few tailored items thrown in i.e the waistcoat which I had from a previous Joker outfit I made the year before and some neck tie ruffles. I made the tricorn by just repositioning an ordinary fedora. I hope you like my outfit. I have also added a pic of the grave stone I made this year, even in a Covid crisis a creator keeps on keeping on 😊
Best of luck to all the creators out there who, like me have never really grown up and just love to make others suspend disbelief if only for a few moments and thank you Stan Winston for your great site and work that you do.
Matty 57
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