This is my "KRAMPUS" costume.

This is my "KRAMPUS"costume.
The mask is a combination of foam and apoxie sculpt. 
The horns are made from pool noodles. The noodles are carved and shaped, then backerrod is added for the ridges of the horns. I then shrink wrap the horns and heat the wrap to cling to the horns and add texture. I then plastidip the horns and airbrush them. The face is also airbrushed. The hair is synthetic hair that's added on with shoe goo. The hands are made of latex and airbrushed. The robe is made of christmas throws that are liquid stitched together. I then added fur from an old rug to the robe. My hooves are 7 inch platform boots. I added furniture foam and used a hot knife to shape the hooves. I then gorilla taped them to keep the shape. Then I latexed the hooves really thick. Then I airbrushed them and sealed them with flex seal. The severed heads are $15 dollar masks that I repainted and filled the with great stuff foam. I added pvc pipe for the handles and painted the pipe like steel. Then resined the pipe. I added bed sheet and latex for the neck meat. There ya have it! My version of Krampus!
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