Post Curing Silicone with heat box?

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with post curing silicone using heat and if it makes a difference with the durability of the silicone. I see it's recommended in "attaining maximum physical and performance properties".
I'm using Dragon Skin 10 to make medical wound packing task trainers (for Stop the Bleed type classes). They get beat up pretty good during classes and while they have held up very well, I'm wondering if adding the slight expense of a heating box & time to post cure will make any noticeable difference. I'm not sure this is something that is done in the SFX world, but figured I'd ask. 
Thank you, Eric


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    Hi Eric,

    I've never done any post-curing on platinum silicone myself, but the Dragon Skin documentation on Smooth-On's site does mention the following:
    Curing / Post Curing - Allow rubber to cure as prescribed at room temperature (73°F/23°C) before demolding. Do not cure rubber where temperature is less than 65°F/18°C. Optional: Post curing the mold will aid in quickly attaining maximum physical and performance properties. After curing at room temperature, expose the rubber to 176°F/80°C for 2 hours and 212°F/100°C for one hour. Allow mold to cool to room temperature before using.
    Given that they mention it without a caveat I'm under the impression there is no negative impact with post-curing.   I would love to see more specific information (numbers) about what kind of strength/durability improvement this process has.

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    Thanks Chris, as you stated it seems it can't hurt. 
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