Barbara Maitland Quality Mask Costume

This mask was started while the “Covid quarantine” was starting too. I was stuck at home and my anxiety levels were at 100 % . I didn’t have many supplies or materials at hand at the moment and most online stores shipping were suspended or delayed so, I did what I could with just things I had home; 

Tin foil
Metal hangers (from my closet) 

I followed no preview tutorial whatsoever. I just started making with the “mental plan” I had on my head.

I was very shy about it at first, but then I decided to post online the first phase of this project “just because” and wow! I posted my process on social media and it blew up to 2.7 millions views. 
I was so honored and surprised. 
I guess when you really really want to do something  and you are committed to it , you find solutions or ways to make it happen, instead of excuses. 
Here is my Barbara Maitland Mask/ Costume. 
P.S. I did Adam Maitland Mask too. 
Happy Halloween! 
——- I post some of the process pictures below 👇🏼


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