Mohawk Spider Gremlin with Rambo Gizmo

I'm obviously a die hard gremlins fan that broke the rules...I became a gremlin. No regrets. 

The mask and puppet is from Trick or Treat Studios. I made the Rambo Gizmo accessories and altered Stripe mask. I switched out the hawks, extended the ears, added details on mask. Suit done by airbrush I had commissioned. Legs are made from eva foam,  electrical tape, masking tape, hot glue, tie wraps that are held onto pvc pipes hooked on a heavy-duty tactical belt. The spider butt (can't really see it in this picture) is attached by 2 pvc pipes, electrical tape, trash bags, tie wraps.

This cosplay is really heavy, hard to see, hard to breathe and hard to move in...but it's epic.
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